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Harbin Symphony Orchestra

In April 1908, Orchestra of Russian TRANS-AMUR Railway Corps Brigade played «1812» Overture of Tchaikovsky in Harbin, it was the first symphony concert in the history of China. Later, orchestra was renamed to Chinese Eastern Railway Club Symphony Orchestra, it included Russians musicians, this contributed to development of future Harbin Symphony Orchestra.

In recent years, Harbin Symphony Orchestra collaborated with Chines and foreign famous conductors, such as - Zubin Mehta, Anatoly Levin, Alexey Pograd, Zheng Xiaoying, Tang Muhai, Chen Xieyang, Li Xincao, Yang Yang, Cai Jindong, etc.

In 2009, Harbin Symphony Orchestra, as a part of Municipal Government delegation, performed friendly visited from Harbin (10.64 millions), and gave concerts in Aarhus Concert Hall in Denmark, the Vienna Golden Hall in Austria and Opera Hall in the Greek National Theatre in Athens, before it visited Russia and Japan, etc. In 2016, invited by the Peace Conference of the United Nations,more than a hundred of artists from the Harbin Symphony Orchestra and the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra,performed a symphony concert“Melody of Friendship”in the Palace of Nations.

In 2011, there was an association between Harbin Symphony Orchestra and Harbin Music Hall, they together developed plans of concerts, based on the international operational model, set long-term professional growing up. At the same time, the first Chamber Orchestra was established in Harbin. Every year, the Harbin Symphony Orchestra plays in two concert seasons. At the same time, also successfully completed all previous Harbin Summer Music Concert,Harbin New Year Concert, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, Russia-China Expo, Russia-China Arts Festival, etc. Nowdays, quality level of the orchestra is increasing very much thanks to Russian professional artists join in the orchestra, so the Harbin Symphony orchestra can better play Russian works, also the main of the foreign musicians was expended.